Perfumes, the olfactive art & I


                           Wise Einstein said "curiosity has its own reason for existing".

                                                                      How true.

Born in Nice and raised in Cannes - hence near Grasse, I grew up with scents. 

My insatiable love for the olfactive world started in my very own garden, in Provence.

Bouquets of thyme, lavender and roses were to me harbors, promises of happiness and never ceased ever since then to remind me of my homeland... the French Riviera.

Leaving near the Estérel, my new year always started in February, for that marks the arrival of the adorable yellow fluffy sunshines that are mimosa's flowers. Their scent used to fill my room for a short while, as I would admire them on my way to school. Passed winter, the air would become infused with the dwelling extatic scent of orange blossom. What a delightful enchantment for all senses.

Filling enveloppes with orange flowers accompanying love notes had become a habit, just as I had learnt from my grand-mother to fill shelves with fresh lavender soaps.

Having travelled for a number of years and enjoyed scents from various countries, I decided to come back here, to my roots, in France.

Provence is a ray of light, and just alike the light awakens life, so does Provence awakens the senses.


Here the air is filled with pleasurable scents awakening senses as well as memories.


As an invisible clothing, perfumes leave a sillage, a powerful trace in one's memory once we are gone.

They can also be ice picks, powerful tools that help us climb every day's Everests.

Passionate about "oud" for all it symbolizes of resilience and its mesmerizing scent, I feel obliged to nature for providing us with such amazing pleasures as scents can give.

Alike watches with "grandes complications", perfumes are amazing combinations.


They are jewels which offer out-of-this-earth sensations.

How beautifully refined and powerfully exquisite are they...

These everlasting creations which come out of talented "nez"...


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