Actions are everything, but words convey thoughts and generate business.


You may want to know a little more about whom you shall trust your words hence business with.


HIP (gifted) with a Verbal IQ score of 143 (WAIS test), I love challenges and juggling with words.


Life taught me patience is key to achieving one's goals. With determination, one can reach the highest mountains.


Eager to go the extra mile, I am used to adapting to new environments and crossing rivers.

Passionate with writing ever since I was a child, as an artist as well as an author, I like to practise creativity in an intellectual context.

With over 11 years abroad  (4 years in the UK, 1 year in Canada, 3 years in Ukraine, 3 years in Brussels), I am fond  of exploring new shores.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Albert Einstein

Verbal IQ is a score derived from the administration of selected subtests from the Wechsler Intelligence Scales, designed to provide a measure of an individual's overall verbal intellectual abilities. The Verbal IQ score is a measure of acquired knowledge, verbal reasoning, and attention to verbal materials.


Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology

2011 Edition


| Editors: Jeffrey S. Kreutzer, John DeLuca, Bruce Caplan)

An IQ score of 143 is very near the 99.9th percentile - 1 in a 1000 (...).

(source: Quora)

HIP High intellectual potential