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At any period of time, culture has always played a key role in understanding our world.


An essential path to widen our horizons and deepen our thinking, culture is simply vital.

Born in Nice, raised in Cannes, I grew up with that tremendously exciting atmosphere that dwells in Cannes most time of the year, but even more so in May...


When spring is here, as the earth is being renewed and her motherly scents fill the air with a mix of blue waves and gorgeous flowers blooming, flying sand and generous rays of light, the annual worldwide famous film festival provides every year dazzling moments...

Fond of litterature (I gained a British Ph.D. in contemporary Russian litterature) I consider movies as powerful tools that embark us on better planets, other sides of our inner self, imaginary places of course but also new ways of looking at real issues one may discover in less shimmering lights that the Croisette offers at sunset, but still... 

Movies & documentaries are amazing lenses.


They invite us to widen and deepen our look upon the world we inhabit or wish we could create.

Adapting a documentary or a movie is to me a trip, an honor, a beautiful way of paying tribute to human words and ideas, of fostering exchanges and discoveries.

To translate is truly to lead beyond...

Some movies that rocked my world :

Angel-A, Cash, Dead poet society, Gattaca, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Jappeloup, Kill Bill, La Belle Epoque, Le Grand Bain, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking barrels, Nous finirons ensemble, Sliding doors, Twelve angry men, Остров ("The Island", Pavel Lounguine) & Утомлённые солнцем ("Burnt by the sun", Nikita Mikhalkov), etc.