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"Zelensky, l'homme de Kiev" (Arte : Regards)
Russian & Ukrainian & English 
"En Ukraine, ils fuient les troupes de Poutine" (Arte : Regards)
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  • Sundance / Berlin /Miami Festivals

  • Amnesty International / Human Rights Watch Festivals

  • 21 wins & 18 nominations

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The documentary unfolds like a thriller as activists with the Russian LGBT Network enter Chechnya to exfiltrate gay people in danger of being tortured or killed by Chechen authorities.
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Personal tribute...

Chechen singer Zelim Bakaev disappeared in Chechnya on 8 August 2017. He was kidnapped, tortured and killed because of his homosexuality. 

Zelim beautifully sung love... In one of his poetic songs he delivered a beautiful testimony of love to his mother for being "the only one who took him as he was".

May his face & voice be remembered.

May his talent be remembered.

Zelim sings here in his mother tongue (Chechen).
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  • "Russian Affairs" (International title)

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • Season 1,  8 episodes

Set in the luxurious world of the Russian social elite, a world where money dictates everything.
  • APKIT awards, 3 nominations